Illuminating your spaces since 1952, Keystone designs custom lamps that are classy, beautiful and functional.

Customize Service

Where beauty meets functionality. We work closely with talented designers and architects in transforming your ideas into functional products, bringing your designs to life.

We can do:

  • Furniture Conversion
  • Dimension Adjustment
  • Color Change
  • Partial or Full Customization

Repair Service

We restore and repair old or broken lights and lamps and bring them back to life for you, allowing you to relive the memories these worn out pieces carry with them.

We can do:

  • Electrical Change
  • Shade Replacement
  • Chandelier Cleaning
  • Tarnish Removal


Sophie's Adventure Club

My go to store everytime I look for lamps. You will never run out of choices that fit all your style types. Not to mention the quality of their lamps are top notch and not the cheap quality kind. It's no wonder they have been in business for this long.

Migs Rosales

Good quality and service. I've been going to them for years now.

Jovert Sarayba

Our family had been a regular client of Keystone Lamps & Shades, both for our home and in our business. The quality and designs of the items are always perfect. Services are also very good from the owners down to the staff.

Maria Antonia Liamzon

Well versed in implementing designs. Good service in delivery. Products last years and years. Keystone is really one of my most dependable suppliers!!!!

Ready to Purchase Available Designs. Customization. Repairs.

Projects we've worked on

Blackbird at the Nielson Tower

Indus Modern Indian Kitchen

Vivere Azure, Batangas

Personal Home


El Jardin De Zaida

Personal Home

The Farm at San Benito

Sea Breeze Cafe, Henann Regency